Nuno Rosa Agostinho and a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie / Horizon2020 EU grant

Nuno Rosa Agostinho has been awarded a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie / Horizon2020 EU grant. He finished his Masters Thesis at CFTP / IST.
He did an excellent work for his thesis and in the last six months he continued doing research with a short term grant supported by FCT / CFTP.

Nuno Rosa Agostinho has worked under the supervision of J.I. Silva-Marcos and in collaboration with David Emmanuel-Costa.
The fellowship he just got recognizes the excellent work done at CFTP. Nuno Rosa Agostinho will work towards his PhD in Particle Physics at the University of Barcelona.

CFTP is once again classified as excellent

CFTP is once again classified as EXCELLENT in the recent classification by an INTERNATIONAL PANEL, organized by FCT - Portuguese Ministry of Science. This result is a great success, specially taking into account that in the whole country there were only 3 Physics Research Centres which received this classification. Visit the FCT-site to obtain more information.
Note also that CFTP is the only Physics Research Centre to receive this top classification in the area of Lisbon

Gustavo Castelo-Branco, Professor of Physics in IST and President of CFTP was chosen by the Directive Board of " Ciencia Hoje " to receive the Prize "Seed of Science 2009" in the category " Ciencias Exactas ". More details can be found in the CienciaHoje-site.