Introduction to hadron physics  

Winter term 2014/15, University of Giessen
Tue 13:00-14:00 and Fri 12:00-14:00, SR 437


1) QCD:

1.1)  QCD Lagrangian
1.2)  Quantization and Green functions
1.3)  Running coupling and renormalization

2) Hadrons:

2.1) Flavor symmetries and currents
2.2) Hadrons, poles and decay constants
2.3)  Hadron spectrum
2.4) Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking
2.5) Axial anomaly

3) Theory toolbox:

3.1) Chiral effective field theories
3.2) Large Nc
3.3) Quark models

4) Currents and scattering:

4.1) Hadron form factors
4.2) Deep inelastic scattering
4.3) Nucleon-pion scattering


A.1) SU(N)
A.2) Poincaré group
A.3) Scattering kinematics

I will post lecture notes as we go along; in the meantime you can also check the old website.


Useful literature:

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